Monica Goodling Brings Down the House

And what did we learn from Monica Goodling's testimony before Congress today?

* The Justice Department former White House Liason admitted that the Justice Department various bad things we all know they did.

* She then accidentally admitted that Alberto Gonzales lied in his testimony..

* McNulty lied too.

* Alberto Gonzales still has the support of George W. Bush and James Sensenbrenner.

* She was way cuter before.

* To be hired by the Justice Department, you need to prove your conservative bona fides. To ensure immunity from prosecution once you resign in disgrace, though, you need only demonstrate a willingness to blame everything on a different top former DoJ official.

Ex-Gonzales Aide Testifies, 'I Crossed the Line' [NYT]

Goodling: Being a Republican helps in getting hired at the Justice Department [Raw Story]


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