Monstrous Hell-Rat Lanny Davis Lobbying For Pro-Coup Honduran Business Group


You know what the many Honduran BUSINESS leaders in cahoots with the universally condemned and unrecognized Honduran power-grabbers and U.S. apparel corporations want? A simple return to Law and Order, in Honduras, under this new thug government! So they havehired one of earth's worst specimens, Washington lawyer/lobbyist/commentator/liar Lanny Davis, to "convince Congress that it should support rather than oppose the military removal of President Manuel Zelaya from office."

They're also well aware of Davis' more famous role as a long-time "Clinton Insider," and since Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State... well maybe they could work out a little sump'm sump'm, should the Administration back away from its "total condemnation"-like view of the coup.

"This is about the rule of law. That is the only message we have," Davis told The Hill, before returning to his argument that Hillary Clinton should be given 77 percent of Michigan's full-voting delegates, still.

[The Hill,, The Field/Al Giordano]


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