Morality in Media to President: Stop the Worldwide Spread of Bush!

cosmo.jpgAnti-porn group Morality in Media is calling on President Bush to issue a fatwa against XXX-rated materials, including Cosmpolitan magazine, reports Adult Video News:

Bob Peters, head of Morality in Media, wrote to Bush recently on behalf of several organizations, saying the proliferation of porn through the Internet and other technologies has made it difficult for the government to curb its spread through existing obscenity laws....

Peters told the president about recent polls indicating similar concerns about obscenity through the Internet in Muslim countries like Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait and others.

"(The) Worldwide flood of commercialized obscenity is enslaving individuals, young and old in sexual addiction... damaging marriages, contributing to sex crimes against children and adults... and debasing cultures," he wrote.

And it's fucking up good old Cosmo, according to another MIM maven: "In the pornography wars, Cosmopolitan magazine is part of the problem," writes Ed Hynes. "Cosmo not only reflects the influence of pornography but also includes content that is pornographic and contains ads for pornography." Hynes includes excerpts from a letter written by MIM and the American Decency Association and sent to grocery store owners asking them not to sell Cosmo because of recent (read: recycled since before Helen Gurley Brown hit puberty) stories such as "62 Sex Moves." The letter, writes Hynes, is too hot for a decent Web site to post, so he gives some suggestive, bowdlerized excerpts:

In the "62 SEX MOVES" article we find "moves" like these...

"The night I got my promotion, my girlfriend said she was going to xxxxx all night."

"There's something so taboo about giving a girl xxxxx."

"This chick leaned against the dresser and xxxxx. I obliged. . ."

"My girl xxxxx in a semi-public place. The risk...triggers an insane orgasm."

"I go wild when a girl xxxxx the xxxxx of my xxxxx while running her nails xxxxx."

Apparently, porn is so bad nowadays that four-letter words are now five letters long. Those interested in getting the uncensored letter can request a copy by emailing A Marvel Comics "No-Prize" to the first reader who fills in the blanks, which even phone-sex addict and former Speaker of the House Bob Livingston would struggle to complete.

Read all about the feds' War on Porn here and thrill to the fact that the U.S. government is now the proud owner of the Internet site victory that no doubt scores us big points "in Muslim countries like Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait and others."--Nick Gillespie

Hat tip: Lusty Lady


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