More Information About Hooking Up Is Available on the Internet

fox-fun-shame.jpgHuffPo puts a little more effort into the explanation, but basically, FoxNews' website has an instructional video in which a "relationship expert" advises college students to have lots and lots of casual sex. No, seriously -- go here, scroll down to "FNC IMAG" and click on "Campus Hook-Ups."

We think you need to watch it because it's full of advice that even we find kinda sketchy ("There's tons of ways to meet people...of course you can do it at frat parties and bars, and it's never a bad time because that's the point of your life when you're all gonna do that"), because MSNBC's replayed it on two shows thus far while their anchors act shocked and appalled, and because of the screenshot reprinted above.

You see, the sexpert recommends against sloppy drunk hookups (we think she's pretty ok with it if you can hold your liquor), because "you're just going to find yourself doing the walk of shame the next morning and that's not cute." As she says this, we see a dramatic reenactment of an actual walk of shame, with accompanying chyron hilariously driving home the point as she shamefully walks to class in last night's oh-so-cute-at-the-time top. SHAME, anonymous coed. SHAME.

Fox News Sexpert: Welcome to College! Have Lots of Sex! [HuffPo]


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