tom malin.jpgOf course we have more to say about Tom Malin. Do you really think we'd let the story of a gay-prostitute-turned-state-legislature-candidate get away that easily?

As it turns out, Malin's history as a gay hooker isn't the worst thing in his past. A Wonkette reader with discriminating tastes in cosmetics sniffs:

According to this website, Tom Malin (the former male prostitute in Texas) once sold Mary Kay cosmetics. Mary Kay cosmetics are not highbrow.

Yes, boys and girls, Tom Malin is hiding more than homosexual prositution in his closet -- he's also got a boatload of low-end cosmetics!

And boy do we mean boatload. As noted here, Malin was a top-seller at Mary Kay, "becoming one of the few men ever to win the use of a pink Cadillac."

If only Malin had been a star salesman of Lanc


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