More Photos & Videos From Yesterday's Sacrilege Wall Street Bull Prayer

More Photos & Videos From Yesterday's Sacrilege Wall Street Bull Prayer

Wonkette operative hero "Dan the Man" sent us apowerful/artistic photo yesterday of a bunch of Christian nuts praying over a false bronze idol, the Wall Street Bull (or Bowling Green Bull for you dandies out there), asking God to nationalize the economy under the state of heaven so that they could pay for their porn subscriptions and fried NASCAR-themed dildos for a few more months. Well, "Dan" has come through again and sent us a video and a few more hilarious photos, such as the one above featuring, whoa, is that the Regina of Phoenician-Based Symbols Created To Represent Sounds, Madam Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journalshire? Scandal!

They consoled each other after they realized that they were just as poor as they had been after praying to the bull as before. Do they know that this bull is an Artistic Joke that actually mocks the greed of those who come to worship it? That is not a question worth asking.

Well there's a blonde gal blowing into a fucking goat horn from the Hobbit movies. Our guess is Meghan McCain.

Ah, so she's not even with the crowd at all, just trying to annoy the few money-people still employed in their work towers. Definitely Meghan McCain, who despises employment in general.

[youtube expand=1]

Here's Meghan leading a paean to this "America" she supposedly wants God to nationalize. Run around the bull with those flags three times, kids, and the bull's eyes will glow emerald green; it will snarl, utter a gutteral, ancient demon roar, "RRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRR," and fucking kill all of you with nose-fire. Do not anger this sleeping monster.

This happened in Ghostbusters, or maybe Ghostbusters II. Kids today never study history.


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