More Professional Coordination At Democrat HQ!

More Professional Coordination At Democrat HQ!

Yes he is a terrible monster, but really? Seriously? Seriously is this actually literal? "Bayh made the decision not to run on Friday, telling a small group of senior staff, but he did not tell President Obama or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid until today. His aides say he had been struggling with the decision for months, but Democrats in the Senate seemed to have no clue. Many said his decision caught them completely by surprise." Aww.

Gee golly, he sure surprised them, just like Martha Coakley did when she became the worst candidate in history. The filing deadline for a Democratic primary in Indiana is tomorrow. Do you want to run, dear reader? The DNC and/or DSCC will be shocked! Who coulda known!

Wasn't David Plouffe supposed to start telling these professional decent-Senate-candidate-choosers, as in that's their only job, how to not lose the various Democratic majorities? Here's a start: Assholes like Evan Bayh will probably do asshole things and ruin everything. Monitor them!

[ABC News]


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