More Than 4,000 White People 'Like' Adrian Fenty, On Facebook!


When white people get angry/sad/want to exchange pictures of cats, they almost always create "groups" on the Internet, because that's how you show that you care about the issues ("1,000,000 Facebook Users For More Fruit in Our Yoplait Go-Gurt," et cetera). So when current DC Mayor and champion of white-people causes "Adrian Fenty" lost the Democratic mayoral primary to Vincent Gray, a random black person, you can imagine what happened! Yes, white people made a Facebook group asking, "Wouldn't you like more fruit in your Yoplait Go-Gurt? There is simply not enough fruit in this Go-Gurt."

But what also happened is that white people made a different Facebook group called Run Fenty Run -- which is also the name of a famous German movie about a lady who does things over and over again. So what is this group all about?

Would you vote for Adrian Fenty as a write-in candidate in November?

If so, click "like", and let's see what support we can muster... (note: this is a grassroots effort, not connected with Fenty)

Oh, all the "young professionals" from Columbia Heights are going to start a grassroots movement on the Internet to re-elect Adrian Fenty, because Adrian Fenty keeps the streets safe for their skinny jeans. What's next? Does Adrian Fenty get to keep his seat on the fancy Senate Energy Committee, now that all the white people want him to be a sore loser, like Lisa Murkowski? Hold on we are making a Facebook Group right now called "Let Adrian Fenty Keep His Senate Energy Committee Seat. Also: My Go-Gurt Needs More Fruit." Please "like" it? [Facebook]


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