Morgan Stanley Offers Its Employees an In-House Chance To Fluff Mitt Romney

Morgan Stanley Offers Its Employees an In-House Chance To Fluff Mitt Romney

We don't know how this stuff is legal, but man oh man, is it ever legal. (Or maybe it isn't, which doesn't mean they won't get away with it.) In any event, everyone clear off your schedules for the morning of July 9, when a party crash will be in order.Via TPM:

In an email sent to employees on June 11, with the subject line “an invitation to meet with Mitt Romney,” a group of Morgan Stanley executives said they were “writing to invite you to a breakfast on July 9 in support of Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts and Republican nominee for President of the [U]nited [S]tates.”

This is so exciting! We're going to wear five pairs of pants.

Now if you have $5,000 bucks to spare, the executives at Morgan Stanley would appreciate you giving that Mitt Romney. But since the toilet paper at any megabank worth its salt is made of $100 bills, procuring the desired funds shouldn't be a problem:

The email provides a brief description of Romney’s “extraordinarily successful private and public sector career,” and then urges recipients to donate to the presidential campaign.

“We hope that you will consider attending the breakfast and contributing $2,500-$5,000 in order to ensure the success of this event,” the email states. “Federal election law permits individuals to contribute a total of $2,500 per election ($5,000 for primary and general election combined)… To donate, please fill out the contributor form and send any checks or credit card contributions directly to the campaign, please do not forward contributions to our offices or to any Morgan Stanley staff.”

Yes, no hurry. The Romney administration will take care of forwarding contributions to the Morgan Stanley offices and staff once Mitt Romney takes office.



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