Moron Todd Starnes Says Moron Todd Starnes Is Moron

Cocktail hour.

[contextly_sidebar id="VQxairl207vVliUs5TGcB3hZla6aBu7T"]Suspected pee enthusiast and Fox News shouty mad face Todd Starnes is having a confuse! You see, the other day Donald Trump talked Jesus words to the virginal students of Liberty University, and he Bibled wrong, because he said "TWO Corinthians" instead of "Second Corinthians," which is crazy, because a man with such a deep relationship with the little Jesus crackers they serve at communion should KNOW how to say Bible, don't you think?

To explain why he screwed up so bad, Trump said his mom was a Scottish, and that's how they say Bible, and besides, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council wrote that part of his speech, so fuck you.

Todd Starnes would like evangelical hat-o-raders to STFU and stop being mean about Trump's Bible Boner, because how is that even fair? From his Daily Bulletin on TUESDAY:

I'm a bit frustrated by Christian leaders of late, who are attacking Donald Trump. They also rebuked Liberty University for inviting him to speak to their students. And some of these leaders have gone so far as to say that Christians who support Mr. Trump have somehow gone astray! [...]

I'm not a Donald Trump supporter but this theological witch hunt is outrageous! And it's time for the modern day Pharisees to put down their stones and stop casting judgment.

[contextly_sidebar id="xiyyXgp2Hpl3tpuxOX2xb4jJWVQfrVwo"]Take that, you judgy-wudgy bears like Russell Moore, head of the Ethics and Liberty Commission at the Southern Baptist Church, who is on record calling Trump a dice-rolling, play-acting strumpet with ass herpes. (He said it more Baptist-y than that.)

According to Right Wing Watch, Starnes also said this on American Family Association radio on THURSDAY:

He ... told “AFA Today” that evangelical leaders want to subject Trump to “some sort of a theological trial in front of the Liberty University student body as if he had to confess all of his sins and transgressions.” “I really think that was sort of sad that it’s come to this in evangelical Christian circles,” he added.

[contextly_sidebar id="ZDLnBJITQ6ZWBO72wjt3O5i2jn112NmU"]Terrible, horrible, rude assholes. Can you even believe they are being like this to Donald Trump The Obvious Christian, whose favorite Bible verse is either too personal to share, or may not even be in the Bible?

But those mean people obviously aren't listening to Todd Starnes, because here's another mean hater tweeting about Trump being a fake Christian on Thursday, just after Starnes was on the radio telling them to cut it out, you guys:

What a mean fucking twat giblet, to insinuate Trump is so bad at Christianing he can't even pick a Bible verse for himself. It's almost like he is on a "theological witch hunt" and acting like a "modern day Pharisee." Todd Starnes would like to have a word with this "Todd Starnes" character!

The point is that Todd Starnes is a goddamned moron. Or maybe he got marching orders from Jesus or His son Ted Cruz that it's OK to piss all over Trump, and please do that some more, which Todd should enjoy since he is a suspected pee enthusiast.

[Right Wing Watch viaJoeMyGod]

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