Most Affordable Camper Vans! Fri., Sept. 17, 2021

Most Affordable Camper Vans! Fri., Sept. 17, 2021
LOL I interviewed Carlos Alazraqui once and I was all 'remember when you did the Taco Bell ad and everyone got so mad at you' and he said 'yes in fact I DO remember that,' I am the best interviewer. Anyway, tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

One in 500 Americans has died of COVID-19, which is what you'd expect from the flu. (CNN)

In 2018, the Facebook algorithm decided that posts that got the most comments — even if they were comments like "this is completely wrong" because it was completely wrong or "you're a fucking asshole" because it was a fucking asshole — would be most prominently shown in Facebook users' newsfeeds, even while publishers were like "this is making us be very racist and bad?" and Mark Zuckerberg was like "cool." Facebook! They're so terrible! (Meanwhile, unaddressed in this particular installment of the WSJ's excellent series, QAnon and 1/6 and literal nazis are just having a grand old time organizing in FB groups.) (Wall Street Journal) (If you don't have a WSJ subscription, I believe you can access it ... on Facebook.)

Wanna compare Gen. Milley and Trump? The White House would be happy to have that conversation! — HuffPost

Is the new Ohio redistricting map very very very bad? That depends on if you think a 62-37 Republican supermajority in the state House is bad, when statewide party registration is 1.6 million for Democrats vs. 1.9 million for Republicans. (Cincinnati)

Wisconsin Assembly leader Robin Vos a real dick. — Politico

Republican county recorder in Arizona cannot BELIEVE the shit people are pulling.

"This position has given me a front-row seat to many disturbing sides of humanity, really disturbing sides," [Stephen] Richer said on a press call Wednesday. "Our latent herd mentality; our willingness to lie for personal gain; our predilection for violent rhetoric or even physical violence; and our extreme aggression toward contradicting facts and people. It's been eye-opening."

He means Republicans. — Business Insider

Now that's a splainer! A very excellent summation of the Alex Murdaugh South Carolina Republican prosecutor WEB OF MURDER AND FRAUD CRIMES. Our thanks to Ben Mathis-Lilley at Slate!

What are House Dems doing about clean energy? David Roberts tells you at Volts!

Major historian groups all like "anti-critical race theory bullshit is some bullshit," but they said it nerdier, all like, "Ongoing partisan agitation around this issue will continue, provoked and sustained by a shrewdly organized and amply funded crusade that seeks to replace evidence-based history instruction with a whitewashed version of patriotism." (

Oh right: York, Pennsylvania, school board bans Rosa Park children's book among other materials (Malala's autobiography; the Sesame Street town hall about racism) that are all by or about people of color, and they literally call it a "coincidence." — CNN

Fuck you.

Tampa cops partnering with landlords in a "crime free program" are notifying those landlords about tenants who are arrested or even pulled over, and those landlords are evicting their whole families even if charges were dropped or it's a family member who doesn't even live there, and of course it's almost all Black people, and I couldn't read more than half of this article because I was gonna stroke out. (Tampa Bay Times)

Oh, Jesse James was a Confederate and ran around in KKK robes and sucked. I didn't even know! Erik Loomis visits his grave and probably pees on it at Lawyers Guns & Money.

That's right it's an ad (I mean, it's someone else's ad, not our ad) and hell yeah I clicked on it. This Italian villa with cooking classes. Do YOU have an Italian villa? Are you going to invite me? I'm an excellent house guest, I break very few things.

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