Most Obvious Stupidest Lie Ever Gaining Currency Among America's Worst Specimens

Most Obvious Stupidest Lie Ever Gaining Currency Among America's Worst Specimens

One of Washington's most transparently evil liars, Michael Goldfarb of theWeekly Standard, recently wrote that -- according to a single anonymous "Senate aide" -- Barack Obama and that DAMN RAHM have threatened to shut down Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Command and one of the most important military installations in the country, if Ben Nelson does not vote for cloture on health care. This is 100% obviously not true on about ten million layers of reasoning, and we won't patronize you by addressing any of it.

Suffice it to say that Ben Nelson and the White House have each said hundreds of times, "THIS IS THE LEAST TRUE THING OF ALL TIME AND IT'S OBVIOUS WHY REPUBLICAN OPERATIVES ARE SPREADING IT." And now that it's been fully refuted as laughably retarded, and Michael Goldfarb has been caught changing his story, it's finally... worthy of round-the-clock Fox News coverage as fact and half of the Republican Senate caucus formally demanding hearings.

On Wednesday, Sen. Mike Johanns and 19 other Republican senators Wednesday called for a hearing into reports that the Obama administration used the future of Offutt Air Force Base as bargaining chip in the health care debate.

Nelson has repeatedly said the rumors are completely false. The White House has called them “absurd.”

A defense analyst said Wednesday that base closures simply don't work that way. Even Johanns himself said he doesn't believe the rumors.

“When Senator Nelson says it didn't happen, I trust Senator Nelson. I have no reason not to trust him,” Johanns said.

It is true that Nelson is one of the last Democratic holdouts on the health care bill and that he has been in ongoing discussions with the White House. Conservative pundits have cited anonymous sources saying that the White House threatened to close Offutt, home of U.S. Strategic Command, if Nelson did not support the bill.

Johanns said the rumors have reached a level where people in Nebraska are wondering if they're valid.

“It's kind of taken on a life of its own and I think that is very unfortunate,” Johanns said. “So, my hope is that the White House will respond and say ‘This is not how we make these kinds of decisions.'”

So, whoever the fuck this "Mike Johanns" backbench loser is does not believe these stupid rumors at all -- he has no evidence to support, and he trusts the people denying -- but just in case they may somehow be true, we should maybe hold a SENATE HEARING. Because some wingnuts back home are "wondering it they're valid."

Twenty senators.

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