Move Over, Cardi And Lil Nas. James O'Keefe Is The REAL Sexxxxy Maker Of Sexytime Music Videos!

Move Over, Cardi And Lil Nas. James O'Keefe Is The REAL Sexxxxy Maker Of Sexytime Music Videos!


Rightwing Project Veritas dildo lube boat idiot James O'Keefe has been going through a thing lately.

He got perma-banned from Twitter. (They had already perma-banned Project Veritas a couple months back.) He said it was because he EXPOSED CNN. Twitter said it was because of all the lying and fake accounts. He said he is going to SUE TWITTER for all the DEFAMES! Twitter shook in its boots. He's also suing CNN for something or another, we don't know.

Yesterday saw what we guess is the REAL opening salvo in O'Keefe's new war against Twitter and also the WORLD.

Project Veritas said Monday it will launch a legal arm aimed at fighting defamation by media outlets with the release of a music video featuring the dance moves of founder James O'Keefe.

Yep, that's how most prominent law firms start. Music video, dance moves, etc.

The guerrilla journalism outfit posted the announcement on YouTube with a video showing Mr. O'Keefe and a troupe of skilled dancers performing to an original song called "Oligarchy," calling it an "anthem for everyone who has ever been DEFAMED."

Skilled dancers, you say? We didn't know there'd be skilled dancers!

"Veritas launches PV LEGAL — will represent others who've been lied about and can't defend themselves," said the organization. "If you have been defamed, email:"

Plz send your defamation claim, and also a brief TikTok showing your latest rhythmic sexxx moves, and somebody will be in touch!

So yeah, you're going to want to see this video. It is ... well, if you've ever slid off your chair thinking about James O'Keefe wearing a t-shirt and sunglasses and dancing to a Prince knock-off, today's your lucky fucky day.

It's a parody of Prince's iconic song "Controversy," and it's not terrible, in that O'Keefe and his sexy music troupe didn't try to reinvent the wheel and add their own musical flourishes to what Prince already created, God rest his soul.

Here are some song lyrics, courtesy of the Washington Times, which is writing about this like it's serious:

"Twitter, CNN, Zuck is working with Dorsey," and "Do you print lies? Does Dean Baquet cry?" and "Some people want likes instead of being free."

Can't have a sexxx song without a Dean Baquet reference, that's what we always say.

Is it tacky to do this two weeks after the five-year anniversary of Prince's death? Yes, obviously, but nobody involved in any kind of music or pop culture, and nobody who has ever had hot sex to Prince's music, is likely to just stumble across it in the wild.

Wingnut conspiracy theorist blue-check weirdo Jack Posobiec announced the summer's hottest SEXXX JAM yesterday on Twitter:

And almost immediately, TONS of accounts of people we assume are very real and very legal and very cool started tweeting the video, with the exact same verbiage Posobiec used. Seriously, it was immediate, and it's still happening up to this minute. Every time we have searched Twitter for "James O'Keefe" since the song of the summer debuted yesterday, this is what we've seen:

Hundreds of 'em, just like that.

By which we obviously mean that James O'Keefe's sexual sexxx single "Oligarchy" is SWEEPING THE NATION!

At press time, Twitter was still shaking in its boots, not only because of fear, but also because of the orgasmic musical stylings of James O'Keefe.

You betcha.

[Washington Times]

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