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Serious not kidding trigger warning: Five Memphis police officers killed Tyre Nichols earlier this month. Last week the officers were fired, and now they have been charged with second degree murder. Bodycam video is expected to be released tonight, and Memphis is WORRIED. (Always noted: The Memphis PD originally stated an ambulance was called because Nichols was "short of breath." Nichols died three days after his police beating, never regaining consciousness. Never, ever, ever credit a police department explanation of events after an "officer-involved" anything.) (AP)

HARD AGREE, Teen Vogue. "There's no room for police unions in the labor movement."

Marcy Wheeler gets granular on why arrested disgraced former New York FBI field office head Charles McGonigal is probably not responsible for all those HER EMAILS leaks to Rudy Giuliani et al. But there's still plenty he could have done, and Marcy's happy to list it for you! (Emptywheel)

Sure sounds like House Republicans are A-WOBBLIN' on their supergenius plan to murder the economy. Pity. (Roll Call)

Meanwhile, it's really disconcerting to see the Washington Post (not wasting a gift link on it, sorry) agree that a 30 percent "Fair Tax" (LOL) is a 23 percent tax, because after you pay a 30 percent tax on your $100 purchase, it comes out to $130, and $30 is 23 percent of $130, and THAT IS NOT HOW SALES TAXES WORK, COME ON. "I'm buying your item. I will multiply the price by .23 to give you your sales tax." "No, you multiply the price times .3 and then divide it by itself DUH OBVS." Sheeeit, even the Wall Street Journal drily notes that that is not how sales taxes usually work, WAPO. (WaPo)

Oh hey Treasury, what up? Via the Patriotic Millionaires: "The report concluded that no less than 90% of tax breaks for capital gains, charitable deductions, and small businesses go to White Americans, with the remaining 10% being shared among other ethnic and racial groups. Additionally, the benefits of both tax exclusions for employer-sponsored health insurance and mortgage interest deductions go predominantly to White families. These benefits make up a significant portion of tax breaks offered by the government, and their impact on the racial wealth gap cannot be understated." Disparities in the Benefits of Tax Expenditures by Race and Ethnicity

Republicans want to both bitch about gas prices and make it illegal for Joe Biden to do anything about gas prices, they're so funny :) — Politico

Burn all your books.

House Majority Leader Mike Lefor, of Dickinson [North Dakota], introduced [House Bill 1205] and said public libraries currently contain books that have “disturbing and disgusting” content, including ones that describe virginity as a silly label and assert that gender is fluid. [...]

The bill would allow prosecutors to charge any person who displays these materials at places that children visit with a class B misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is 30 days of imprisonment and a $1,500 fine.

Buuuurn themmmmm. (NBC News)

You guys wanna see what a bunch of stupid assholes think are the worst Supreme Court decisions? Scroll to the end and feast your eyes on some serious bullshit. — Law & Liberty (horck)

While we're at it, I'm really fucking over these stupid rightwing assholes describing themselves now as "classical liberals" instead of "fucking dicks."

For some reason, the internet keeps serving me up this song all of the sudden and ... I LOVE IT?

I'm sorry I'm so behind and unhip-and-with-it on music now you guys. I swear I used to be cool.

No bueno. Rightwing Spanish-language radio nonsense has already started QAnon-ing the Latino vote in red states; now blue state Dems who count on the Latino vote should probably prepare for the amount of insane propaganda garbage that is going to spew forth from a Fox News-style TV dump en Espanol. (Thom Hartmann substack)

HELLO CHANNING TATUM IN VANITY FAIR. Nobody doesn't love that man. (Not the pictures though. He's looking harder.) Bonus Tates: The author's original Channing Tatum interview in GQ, when everybody realized nobody doesn't love that man.

Movies that audiences walked out of according to Looper. (Boxing Helena didn't make their cut.)

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