A lot of our favorite TV hosts work for NBC News. We cannot say the same about a lot of our favorite TV executives.

There was supposed to be a presidential debate tonight, the second one, the town hall one. After Donald Trump inhaled a bunch of COVID off a Big Mac-flavored doorknob and got the entire White House sick — or at least that's our theory of how it happened — the debate was moved to a virtual format. Trump threw a temper tantrum and noped out. So Joe Biden said fine, and ABC News announced it would have a town hall with Biden the same night. At least one candidate was going to show up for what he had agreed to do.

But then Wednesday, out of the blue, and apparently after Trump allegedly tested negative for the Covids, NBC News announced that it would ALSO TOO be doing a town hall tonight, with Trump, at the exact same time as the Biden town hall. Because apparently NBC News execs have been feeding at the same "both sides" trough of bullshit where Chuck Todd gets his sustenance.

Immediately, everybody was pissed. Because for real? Trump is the whiny-ass authoritarian telegraphing on a daily basis that he's trying to steal this election, who refused to abide by the rules of the last debate. You're going to give him the reward of a competing time slot with Biden because he was the one who blew everything up? Gonna let him crow about his ratings? Fuck you.

Also, you're going to make voters choose which one they want to watch? By doing them at the same time? You couldn't put it an hour before or after? Fuck you again.

CNN reports:

NBC is "giving Trump exactly what he wants," in the words of one exasperated senior staffer: a made-by-TV rivalry between the president and Biden.

And before you accuse the Trump campaign of demanding the same time-slot as Biden, it appears this was actually NBC's doing. The AP reports:

NBC said in a statement that "the Trump campaign did not dictate or request the time slot nor express any preference."

The network considered it important that Trump be given the same format, day of the week and length of time that Biden had on NBC last week — although he will have a different moderator.

Thanks, NBC News!

So it was to our immense joy when we saw how MSNBC's night-time hosts felt about the it. Surprise, they are mad just like you!

As Chris Hayes handed off to Rachel Maddow for the 9 p.m. Eastern hour on Wednesday night, Hayes announced that they would not be having a show the next night. That's it. Period. No explanation. See you next time, though! Maddow proceeded to laugh her ass off and refer to Hayes's comments as a "suggestive pause," and a "diplomatic statement from a wise colleague." Hayes also laughed, because there they were on TV, using their words and their facial expressions to talk about what a fucking idiot-ass thing their bosses had done.

This Twitter user posted the exchange:

Later in Maddow's program, she was interviewing Senator Kamala Harris, who by all appearances will be the vice president-elect starting three Tuesdays from now, and asked Harris if she was as "mad as everybody else" about what NBC News had done. Harris proceeded to laugh HER ass off and say, "I'm not touching that!" But she knew. And Maddow knew. And we all knew.

We didn't see the handoff between Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, but the AP reports on what happened toward the end of Maddow's show:

In a second reference to the town hall as her show ended, Maddow spoke as the words "Apparently They Are Not Kidding" were shown on the screen behind her.

Nice. Maddow and Hayes have a shitload of power at 30 Rock. Good to see them using it.

They're not the only ones pissed either:

If there's any silver lining to this at all, it's that Trump will be in front of an unfriendly audience outside the safe space of his beloved Fox News, and will be sure to fuck himself in the ear, and that will take up all the airspace. Of course, the flip side of that is that Biden, who will be on ABC and thus not have the benefit of being on NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC at the same time, will be drowned out, because yet again, President Authoritarian Yapmouth is taking up all the airspace.

The Joe Biden town hall airs on ABC News at 8 p.m. Eastern. It will be 30 minutes longer than Trump's town hall, but if you want to flip back over to MSNBC to watch Maddow at 9:00, that is acceptable.

All other watching of networks with peacocks anywhere in the logo is hereby banned, at least for today.

UPDATE: Oh, NBC News, you idiot:

[AP / CNN]

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