MSNBC To Provide 80 Frigging Live Hours Of Political Convention Coverage

This election year might be the most exciting in generations, but that doesn't mean the conventions won't be as boring as ever! Now that Hillary Clinton has robbed us of our last, greatest chance for a Convention Floor Fight featuring a shirtless Ted Kennedy jello wrestling a be-thonged Harold Ickes, Democratic conventioneers will be forced to spend their endless days milling around committee meetings and bitching about their chillblains. And the next weekend, Republicans will betoo wasted from partying till 4am every night to do anything but golf-clap through Mitt Romney's vice presidential victory speech. MSNBC will be there to cover all this dull boringness for literally 20 hours a day. This will be journalism's own Bataan Death March. Will Chris Matthews make it out alive? [New York Times]


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