MTV's Real World Cast Seeks Internship With Senator Ensign's Love Sack


  • The young intern was hungry for some popcorn, so she put her intern badge in the microwave. Later she spilled some cranberry juice on her favorite pleated skirt, so she used her intern badge to rub the stain out. And after another long day of indexing toenail clippings, the exhausted young intern walked to Metro Center and swiped her intern badge over the SmarTrip reader. Why me? She thought to herself as she took the metro home. Why did God choose me? And for a moment she felt undeserving. [Spotted: DC Interns]

  • MTV wants the cast of Real World: Godless Swamp Summer to volunteer at a non-profit or charity organization, because they can't spend the entire day just slobbering all over their love sacks! So, how about it, Emily's List? PUMA? Anyone?! [Fishbowl DC]

  • D.C.'s unemployment rate has surpassed the magic 10% mark, which means you're not the only one selling homemade sock puppets on the Mall! Of course, you could always find work at a certain Senate office. [DCist]

  • Some asshole midget shot the legs off two dudes in Columbia Heights at 3:15 in the afternoon! Come on, couldn't they at least have waited until 5:00? [DCist]

  • Why bother wearing a helmet if it doesn't protect your skull from BEE ATTACKS? [City Desk]


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