Mubarak Hangs On, Opposition Calls For Million Egyptian March

Mubarak Hangs On, Opposition Calls For Million Egyptian March

  • Did the six decades of Egyptian military autocracy end while you slept? No, not yet. Hosni Mubarak has ordered the police back into the streets (some are apparently listening) and has apparently given "shoot to kill" orders to the nation's army (which mostly posed for pictures and prevented mayhem over the weekend). Iranian propaganda outlet Press TV made the shoot-to-kill claims, the price of oil is shooting up due to Terrible Fear, and a very nervous bunch of high-rolling officials from all the other Arab autocracies are returning home from the Davos conference today, wondering if they need to have the servants pack up the households and escape to London. Oh, and Mubarak named his new cabinet. Things will be totally different now. Egypt has been run by its military brass since 1952. [Al Jazeera Live Stream/Bloomberg]
  • If you made the mistake of turning on the teevee in America over the weekend to see some news of the Egyptian revolution, you know that there was basically no news, anywhere, despite hundreds of channels, because those channels all show football and home shopping and bullshit and reruns and low-grade pornography. And then, hopefully, you threw your teevee in the "e-waste" bin and canceled the cable/satellite and called up Al Jazeera English on your Internet. Anyway, people in Canada can just watch Al Jazeera on regular teevee, because Canada is less racist and reactionary than the USA. [HuffPo]
  • Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' husband, astronaut Mark E. Kelly, is still hoping to make his last flight as commander of a space shuttle in April. But there's a backup just in case. Anyway, it is pretty much the last time Captain Kelly would ever get to pilot a shuttle -- the whole program is shutting down this year -- or launch into orbit again. [New York Times]

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