Mubarak Probably About To Finally Resign, Army/State TV Says


After weeks of increasingly insane protests and strikes and attacks by Mubarak's camel-riding thugs, it looks like Ronald Reagan and Joe Biden's best friend, Hosni Mubarak, will finally resign today. This is according to Egyptian state television, which until this week was a propaganda arm of the Mubarak regime, and the Egyptian Army, which until called on to smash the protests, was the military arm of the Mubarak regime.

Crazy times.

So, despite the tearful/powerful interview with the guy who cried and was so eloquent in totally rejecting whatever backroom deals the Mubarak regime is trying to make with the military, the reports right now say it's the Army that's making the deal to get Mubarak out ... so the Army can run Egypt again, like always, or at least like always since 1952.

[Al Jazeera/NYT]


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