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Robert Mueller empaneled a grand jury two months ago, signaling that Trump-Russia is a thing that we're going to be talking about for a long, long time. [Archive]

It's entirely possible that as many as 10 or more senior law enforcement officials could be questioned in Trump-Russia as Bob Mueller's team expands, dredging up the sludge at the bottom of Trump's empire.

Two proposals to protect the Mueller investigation have been unveiled in the Senate in the event that Trump tries to go all Saturday Night Massacre on Mueller's Justice League of Extraordinary Investigators.

Carter Page has apparently been under FISA warrant since 2014, and now White House staffers are walking on eggshells as Trump grumps around reminding everyone that he's not under investigation.

Michael Flynn has amended his financial disclosures form (AGAIN) after he remembered a bunch of money he made from Cambridge Analytica, the Trump Presidential Transition, and another sketchy business with ties to the Turkish government.

Trump's White House staff hate their new babysitter, John Kelly, who is eyeballing everyone and listening in on phone calls in an effort to keep Trump from creating (another) national security crisis.

The Senate was able to pass an FDA funding bill and a "Right to Try" drug bill that will allow user fees to pay for the review of medical devices and drugs (be they fancy, funky or bootlegs).

The Senate ALSO rammed through the nominations of 60 nominees for the Trump administration, allowing Mitch McConnell the opportunity to claim that he actually did something.

Trump's new (old) immigration policy would have barred his own grandfather from entering as he was just another penniless Not American with empty pockets and caviar dreams.

The only thing Congressional Republicans can agree upon is that they need to agree on things, though Trey Gowdy apparently missed that memo, stating, "It's not Congress's job to see how many bills we can pass." Actually...

A bunch of Republicans in the Senate, led by Texas Sen. John Cornyn, revealed their own Tortilla Curtain, and it's a a lot like Bush 43's "virtual wall," though Cornyn won't say if Mexico will pay for it.

The Senate confirmed Jessica Rosenworcel and Republican Brendan Carr as FCC commissioners, a Democrat and a Republican, respectively, and temporarily denied Ajit Pai another term of telecom and Internet fuckery. It's not good news, but it's certainly not bad news.

With Congress officially in recess, many Republicans are heading home to hide and lick their wounds as they stare longingly into the distance to contemplate all the winning they were promised.

Before leaving town, the Senate locked Trump out of the government by leaving the Senate in nine "pro-forma" sessions, a procedural roadblock that forces the Senate to convene every three days for about a minute. Sorry no recess appointment for you, replacement for everyone in the FBI and Justice that Trump wants to fire!

Trump kind of evicted the Secret Service from his glass castle after a spat about the lease, so now they're squatting in a trailer out front.

Trump is taking a golf vacation (again) for the next 17 days while repair crews replace the White House's 27-year-old HVAC system. Just think, Trump's excessive use of hairspray has ruined the heating and air system in the White House after only 6 months.

Federal prosecutors are investigating Jared Kushner's family business and they're focusing on his sister, Nicole Meyer, after she gave a secret meeting to some Not American business people and seemed to offer (totally offered) EB-5 visas and political influence for investments into Kushner Companies.

During his West Virginia rally, Trump claimed that New Hampshire was a "drug-infested den" and that has the people of New Hampshire jonesing for an apology.

West Virginia's governor, Jim Justice, switched his party affiliation to Republican, making it the umpteenth time Jim Justice has changed parties. Some people will do just about anything to say they have friends.

There's ANOTHER video of Baltimore cops planting evidence, which is an awful reality check for people who've never lived in Baltimore.

Trump's White House has delayed an investigation into Chinese bootlegging and corporate espionage, but they didn't bother to say why.

Israeli police have acknowledged that BiBi Netanyahu is under investigation for "fraud, breach of trust and bribes" after his former chief of staff was flipped by investigators looking into ongoing rumors of gifts and strong-arming media coverage. WOAH, if true!

Russia has been using LinkedIn to target high-ranking critics and US military members who talk shit about Putin on social media through data mining, character assassinations, and assassination-assassinations.

The nerd who took down the WanaCry bug was arrested in Las Vegas while attending two of the largest international hacking conferences, for creating a malware that was harvesting banking credentials.

Internet trolls took over some white power websites and hate groups on reddit, with one user saying that s/he wanted to reactivate /r/Stormfront because, "I like the term ‘storm front’ better than ‘weather geeks.’ It's more clever. Think ‘militant weather geeks.’”

Here's some nice time about the beginning of the end of NASA's Voyager mission. It's super old, super far away, and in super deep space, but it's still being monitored by a few hopeful olds.

And here's your late night wrap-up! Stephen Colbert fought Stephen Miller on the Statue of Liberty; Seth Meyers took A Closer Look at Trump's LOW RATINGS; and The Daily Show talked about shitty Baltimore cops

And here's your morning Nice Time! Hanuman Langur Babies!

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