Murdoch Biz Columnist: 'Tax the Super Rich Or Face Revolution'


We have long enjoyed MarketWatch columnist Paul B. Farrell's seething, doom-soaked predictions of American Collapse -- and his column is always the "most read" thing on this stock-market business website, so we are not alone. But today's is a delight even if you're used to Farrell's ranting, because now he's calling for armed revolution against the Super Rich!

Or, well, actually he's saying "tax the Super Rich now" or there will be armed revolution and you'll all hang, ya bloody billionaires:

Yes, tax the Super Rich. Tax them now. Before the other 99% rise up, trigger a new American Revolution, a meltdown and the Great Depression 2.

Revolutions build over long periods — to critical mass, a flash point. Then they ignite suddenly, unpredictably. Like Egypt, started on a young Google executive’s Facebook page. Then it goes viral, raging uncontrollably. Can’t be stopped. Here in America the set-up is our nation’s pervasive “Super-Rich Delusion.”


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