Dennis Kucinich was this close to winning both the nomination and the presidency when Rupert Murdoch's evil new Wall Street Journal brazenly brought up that whole UFO incident, which everybody had completely forgotten because it was only a widely reported and heavily mocked part of a nationally televised Democrat debate a few months ago.

On today's front page of the WSJ, you'll find this terrible outrage:

What Kucinich Saw:

Witnesses Describe

His Close Encounter

Candidate's Pals Recall

Three Throbbing UFOs;

Outed by Shirley MacLaine

Jesus, what are they going to do next, call his wife a red-headed hippie with a tongue stud?

Anyway, this important investigation of Kucinich's 1982 UFO sighting, which is already in a new-age book by Shirley MacLaine, reveals shocking new details of the weird encounter. There was a humming sound, for example. And everybody at the house -- but not Shirley, because she was somewhere else -- witnessed the "three charcoal-gray, triangular craft, flying in a tight wedge." Nobody was even drunk or high, for some reason.

And now Kucinich doesn't want to talk about it all the time, the end.

We cannot believe that the evil new WSJ is trying to make a Democrat look like a nutjob. That lousy Murdoch has ruined the nation's greatest liberal voice.

What Kucinich Saw: Witnesses Describe His Close Encounter [WSJ]

Murdoch's 'WSJ' Greets New Year -- With Front-Pager on Kucinich's UFO [E&P]


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