Musgrave Constituent, Against All Odds, Makes Member of Congress Seem Reasonable, Mature in Comparison

Representative Marilyn Musgrave, seen here in a photo from Wonkette's extensive "funny picture" database. (AFP)

If you're going to stick dog shit in an envelope and shove it through the mail slot of a politician's office mail slot, you could do worse for targets than Marilyn Musgave. Oh, you could very easily do better, but Musgrave is a nice, solidly hatable type, what with her matter-of-fact gay-hating and minor scandals like "violation of military code" (boooring). Still, put some effort into it!

Even more shocking than the act was the fact that Yvonne Ensz, 63, used an easily traceable envelop. She made only a half-assed attempt at blacking out the preprinted address, leaving her nine-digit zip code readable.

When asked if and why she did it, Ensz merely corrected the report from the Associated Press, saying it "wasn't in the office doors, it was in the foyer." She declined to offer a motive.

Ensz is also a professor emeritus of French, which is really just too damn good to be true. Still, you'd think with all that fancy schoolin', she'd know to put the dogshit in a paper bag, light it, and run. Or at the very least, just leave some on the underside of the door knob!

Ensz has been charged with improper implementation of junior high pranks. She has been sentenced to T.P. her own home.

Dog Crap Shoved in Pol's Mail Slot [Sploid]


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