Muslim-Hating Trump Twitter Bot Is Real Live Asshole, Turns Out

O'Brien "obsessively" tried to contact Mekelburg for comment in a story about her.

Garbage person Amy Jane Mekelburg has found life uncomfortable ever since Huffington Post outed her as NOT a Russian bot. Bots require little personal attention or sunlight, so there was collective disappointment when Twitter troll @AmyMek was revealed as just your standard raving bigot:

For five years, the mysterious Twitter account ― which has more than 200,000 followers, including Sean Hannity, Roseanne Barr and the personal account of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and has earned endorsements from Donald Trump and Michael Flynn ― has tirelessly spewed far-right propaganda and, above all, Islamophobia. Around 25 tweets a day, sometimes more, the majority of them designed to stoke hatred of Muslims.

So, even before Roseanne was canned for aggravated idiocy, she was openly following this racist train wreck? Did anybody at ABC have access to the Internet? You know, if I ran a broadcast network, I'd gently nudge my high-profile stars to only follow the Twitter accounts of cute puppies (but not this one ... or this one). But blah, blah, free speech -- why can't the left tolerate some views different from their own tree-hugging, God-hating POVs?

Mekelburg, who declined multiple requests from HuffPost to comment, has managed to keep almost all of her personal information off the internet. The 45-year-old resident of Fishkill, New York, grew up in a Jewish family in East Brunswick, New Jersey, a fairly affluent community not far south of New York City. Her father owns a wholesale business called Mekelburg Co. that sells magnets, keychains and assorted gimcrackery. Her brother runs a popular restaurant and craft beer bar in Brooklyn that also bears the family name.

Here's just a taste of what the self-described "Sports Fitness and Vegan" (yeah, I don't know either) still has on her Twitter feed:

Come to @AmyMek's Twitter for deranged conspiracy theories, stay for the gross Muslim bashing!

Anyhow, life started to move pretty fast for Mekelburg after the HuffPost article dropped:

Mekelburg is married to the former WWE senior vice president responsible for global content distribution and business development. According to Huffpost, Salvatore Siino landed the WWE VP gig in early 2017 after his startup went out of business. In his position, WWE says Siino would’ve been negotiating TV deals in the United Arab Emirates. Virtually the entire population is Muslim.

WWE reportedly knew about the @AmyMek account, according to former family friend who talked with Huffpost, and told Siino to keep his connection to his wife quiet.

When HuffPost first questioned WWE about the account, a corporate spokesperson told them, “this is the first time we’re hearing about Amy Mekelburg.” As the story approached publication, Huffpost reached out to WWE a second time to see if anyone was aware of @AmyMek before Siino was hired.

“No,” said the WWE spokesperson . “Now that it has come to our attention, Sal Siino is no longer an employee.”

Is this the future liberals want? The husband of a known Muslim hater can't keep his job that involves regular professional interaction with Muslims and their cooties?

Lots of folks are anonymous online because they don't want to be harassed, like women who dare to openly support Hillary Clinton or who wantonly destroy white men's childhoods by "Ghostbusting while female," but this isn't the same as that.

Uh, the "smear campaigns" were usually blatant lies and propaganda. Whereas Mekelburg had her actual real name associated with her actual real views.

If she now wishes the San Francisco Examiner was right when it suspected she didn't exist, that's a fate of her own making.

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