My Name is Nick and I'm Like a Chocoholic for News...

nickbody.jpg.JPGI'm Nick Gillespie, editor-in-chief of Reason, the libertarian monthly that has shown up in three out of four "The 50 Best Magazines" lists compiled by the Chicago Tribune, the "World's Greatest Newspaper" (and who better to judge the Tribune than itself?). Reason is also recommended by four out of five dentists who walk and chew sugarless gum at the same time. Reason Online is online here, at

As I wrote under another name back when the Web really overpaid for thinly sourced journalism was new and vital, I firmly believe that real winners do use drugs, that you can't perform abortions on your children with nuclear arms, and that Christian rock is neither. If you're so inclined, read an outdated biography of me here.

I will be guest-blogging at Wonkette all week and have in fact been guest-blogging all morning. And I've already remembered just how much I hate politics. I hope by the end of this post week, you'll hate politics as much as I do. But still want to read about them.

Bonus link: Semi-obscure headline allusion here.--Nick Gillespie


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