MyPillow Suing Voting Company Dominion For McCarthyism Or Some Sh*t, Who Knows, It's Hard To Tell
Monday, we were granted a wonderful gift, in the form of one of the greatest lawsuits of our time: MyPillow v. Dominion. Dominion is already suing MyPillow and its CEO, Mike Lindell, for $1.3 billion. Not to be outdone, MyPillow has now sued Dominion for $1.6 billion in very real and totally-not-made-up damages.

Declaring that Dominion is the government, MyPillow's suit claims that Dominion is doing "lawfare" and cancel culturing its First Amendment rights. (Yes, this is basically what the complaint argues. No, this is not a thing.)

This lawsuit, says MyPillow, is really on behalf of the entire public square and marketplace of ideas against the oppressive tyranny of the voting tech manufacturer.

Dominion is using the legal process as a weapon to suppress free speech. In contrast, MyPillow brings this action to open debate and expand free speech. Indeed, MyPillow would move this entire debate to the public square for a full airing of all facts and opinions on the subject. This lawsuit is brought in support of the marketplace of ideas and to remedy the grave harm that has been suffered by MyPillow as a result of Dominion's suppression of speech and attacks on the Company.

Sadly, neither the public square nor the marketplace of ideas is named as a plaintiff.

MyPillow's suit repeatedly claims that it was Mike Lindell, and not MyPillow, who liked to flip out about "stolen elections" and something about dead Hugo Chavez. Which, fair enough. Except for the fact that the entire complaint is about why Lindell's Dominion conspiracy theories are true.

The lawsuit repeatedly claims it's vindicating MyPillow's free speech rights ... but also says MyPillow isn't engaging in speech that needs protection.

Amazingly, the lawsuit goes straight from "MyPillow didn't say that!" to "MyPillow's right to say that is being trampled!" Claiming that Dominion is "a governmental actor," MyPillow alleges that Dominion "allowed manipulation or changing of votes in the 2020 election, as well as suppressed public debate about the election which deprived MyPillow of its rights."

But I thought MyPillow was just a pillow company that didn't comment on elections?

Seemingly without irony, most of the complaint's 51 pages are then spent rehashing Lindell's conspiracy theories about the election.

Evidence that Dominion's voting systems actually were hacked in the 2020 election continues to accumulate. Questions and concerns are growing, not subsiding. The adverse impact of electronic voting systems on the 2020 election was significant. A prudent, robust democracy cannot afford to ignore this evidence if it hopes to survive.

But now Dominion is doing lawfare! FOR SHAME!

In response to Lindell's exercise of his First Amendment free speech rights, Dominion launched its lawfare campaign against both Lindell and MyPillow.

And maybe Dominion being the government would be okay in places like Venezuela, but not here in the US of A!

Dominion's and its lawyers' widespread intimidation tactics of ordinary citizens may be routine in a Third World country—but they are abhorrent in America.

America, fuck yeah!

But, I mean, how can you NOT love a complaint that invokes Joseph McCarthy ...

Harkening back to some of the worst days in our history, Dominion has taken a page out of Joseph McCarthy's playbook by creating a blacklist for public scorn leading to both reputational and economic destruction. From high-powered news organizations to regular citizens and private home-bedding companies, no one is safe.

... more than once ...

Dominion's campaign descends from a long and sad history in this country, the McCarthy era in which lives and organizations were destroyed, and families torn apart, for being labeled a Communist. Just as during that era being associated with a suspected Communist could end a professional career, so too today, those who, like MyPillow are merely associated with a critic of Dominion and the integrity of the 2020 election, face expulsion from public life in large parts of America.

... for the proposition that a private company filing defamation lawsuits is the same as the blacklists in the 1940s and 50s?

Oh, and can someone ask Lindell if he's fighting for the free speech of communists? tyia.

There's also the cute part where MyPillow whines that "Dominion has filed a $1.3 billion lawsuit against MyPillow and its CEO. Yet Dominion's annual revenues are only about $90 million" and then demands $1.6 billion from Dominion.
But it needs this money because Dominion is forcing people to stop using this pillow company and use other pillow companies instead!
MyPillow has lost numerous major customers who ended their long-term relationships to sell MyPillow's product line due to Dominion's highly publicized attacks.

Oh yes, I am absolutely certain that MyPillow is losing customers because of Dominion and not because of its unhinged CEO not backing down even after he helped incite an insurrection and then tried to blame it on "antifa."

As the result of Defendants' actions, and as expected and intended by them, Plaintiff suffered the loss of substantial property interests, including, but not limited to, loss of long-standing business relationships, loss of supplier contracts, and loss of access to promotional access in media.

Plaintiff was not provided due process in connection with the loss of its property interests caused by Defendants.
Actually, as a matter of fact, MyPillow is receiving due process right now! In addition to this masterpiece, MyPillow filed a motion to dismiss the Dominion lawsuit in the District of DC, aka the process it is due when a lawsuit is filed.
Defendants' reprisal actions were motivated, at least in part, by MyPillow's and its CEO's exercise of their free speech rights protected under the First Amendment and, as applied against the states and their political subdivisions and agents, the Fourteenth Amendment.

Nope. Dominion is still not the government.

Although MyPillow v. Dominion should have been filed as a countersuit to Dominion's defamation complaint in federal court in DC, it was instead filed in the District of Minnesota. MyPillow's lawyers say it's not a countersuit despite the fact that the complaint itself says its purpose is "to remedy the grave harm that has been suffered by MyPillow as a result of Dominion's suppression of speech and attacks on the Company."
MyPillow is represented by very serious law firm Parker Daniels Kibort, which has a video on its site explaining "the ideals of what our law firm is all about" that shows off photos on the wall of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.
Lindell (joined by Alan Dershowitz, whose name is notably absent from the complaint), announced the lawsuit on his new "free speech" website where you can't swear or say "dear Lord" unless you're praying.
Whatever. Sure.

Here is the complaint, in all its glory:

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