MyPillow Guy Big Mad At Hannity And Laura Ingraham, Not Big Mad At 'Trunker' Or Whatever His Name Is

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MyPillow Guy Big Mad At Hannity And Laura Ingraham, Not Big Mad At 'Trunker' Or Whatever His Name Is

Big mad

We imagine it's been kind of a weird week for MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell. What on earth does one do the week after their batshit prophecies fail to come true, especially if one claims to be a former crack addict?

After Lindell's big South Dakota cyber symposium, where his own cyber expert admitted they had no proof of actual voter fraud, and after August 13 came and went without incident, despite how Lindell has been pretty sure that's around when Joe Biden would cease being president and Donald Trump would gloriously return ... yeah, this week's gotta be pretty strange.

So Lindell is just doing the only thing he knows how to do, which is yell more batshit words in some direction or another. Right now he's continuing to blame Fox News, because everything is always somebody else's fault, and it's definitely been Fox News's fault for a while now, in Lindell's mind.

He explained on the One America News Network last evening:

"Where's Fox? Where's Fox?" he demanded, weeks after pulling his once-ubiquitous ads from the network. "Fox, you need to step it up and help save our country!" [...]

"The truth is, you're not saying anything on your show," he ranted at Hannity. "Neither are you, Laura."

He was a little less harsh toward Tucker Carlson, although he did get the name wrong.

"Trucker tried a few times to talk about the 2020 election, I give him some credit," he said.

The whole clip is so much more insane, and you should watch it for fun. Lindell is just shrieking about "pull down those packet captures out of those routers!" and "this is disgusting!" Pivoting to getting mad at Fox, Lindell explains that "OANs are heroes!" We guess people who work at One America News are called "OANs," to the MyPillow Guy.

Lindell says Sean Hannity isn't willing to HANDLE THE TRUTH that Lindell had a MyPillow Voter Frauds Symposium (that was a giant failure) and Laura Ingraham isn't willing to say anything either. Meanwhile, "Trucker" or "Trunker" or whatever, that guy tried to talk about the election, he's cool, "Trucker" or "Trunker" or whatever his name is. But the other ones are bad! Because they won't even handle the truth!

You want more batshit Mike Lindell? Well you'll just have to wait until he talks again.

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