Mysterious Bilderberg Group Meets In Spain, Sells Humanity To Space Monsters

Mysterious Bilderberg Group Meets In Spain, Sells Humanity To Space Monsters

Here is a fun thing about old-school Conspiracy Theories: They were oftentrue. The Bilderberg Group was, until just a couple of years ago, dismissed by the Lame Stream Media as some kind of crazy fiction -- but the terrifying reality was that the news companies were all in on it, for decades, so the broadcasts and newspapers never mentioned this actual annual meeting of world government, finance and industrial leaders because the heads of the media corporations were there, at the secret meetings, PLOTTING AGAINST EARTH (or reaching consensus on Cold War policy, same thing!). Anyway, thanks to the Internet and Alex Jones and whatever, now everybody knows the Bilderberg Group is a real thing -- a real working group of world leaders, meeting privately and annually since 1954 -- and everybody completely ignores it because come on, don't be paranoid.

The group met in Spain over the weekend at Sitges resort near Barcelona, and once again just about every mainstream media outlet besides The Guardian totally ignored it. (The Telegraph bravely made fun of the conspiracy.) Why cover a meeting of global leaders who were surely discussing/planning coordinated responses to the oil spill, the problems created by Iran and Pakistan and North Korea and Israel, the latest chapter of the global economic collapse, climate change, the Mexican drug war, China buying up all the natural resources in Africa, fresh water shortages, treaties with the space monsters, etc.?

One reason nobody covers Bilderberg is because reporters aren't invited to cover it. Seriously, that's the main reason. There are no credentials offered to working press, no broadcast television crews allowed, and therefore no reason to send the media. Reporters don't go where they're not invited. Look at the oil spill situation: For all the blog outrage about BP image-managing the spill and keeping press away from the bad areas and blocking photographers and boats and whatever, how much coverage have you seen outside BP's control? The U.S. Gulf of Mexico coastline is 1,700 miles long.

Anyway. Here's somebody writing for The Guardian:

Bilderberg is an absurdity. The secrecy is absurd. The lack of a relationship between the event and the mainstream media is absurd. Ivan standing alone by his roundabout bed is absurd. The paranoia of the participants is more than absurd – it's pathetic.

This year, most of the delegates were whisked into the hotel through an underground entrance, dodging the lenses, like a bunch of James Bond baddies, like a dieter creeping downstairs at midnight to eat chocolate cake from the fridge.

Exactly. What? Anyway, "Ed Balls" was at the Bilderberg vacation meeting this time, maybe! This means he shall soon be crowned Queen of England! [Telegraph/Guardian/Raw Story]


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