Mysterious Joker Poster Explained For You

Finally, we have anArts Writer to tell us what that weird "SOCIALISMS & BARACK OBAMA AS HEATH LEDGER'S JOKER" poster means. We would summarize, but the article is nearly 1,000 words long! Read it and find out! Or click the clicky to find out what two of your editors thought of the poster in a secret high-level editorial discussion on Monday.

Sara S.

I don't get that Joker poster.

Aug 3

4:05 PM

Jim N.

drudge says these mysterious posters are popping up all across LA!

Sara S.

I know, but ... was the Joker a socialist?

Jim N.

socialist, terrorist, same thing

Jim N.

but he did light a pile of money on fire, so sure.

Sara S.

When I think "Joker" I think "dangerous psychopath in makeup" not "socialist"

Jim N.

that money was the RIGHTFUL PROPERTY of the mob bosses!

The end.

Obama as The Joker: Racial Fear's Ugly Face [Washington Post]


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