Mystery Hero 'Tim Pawlenty' Returns To Help Pilot Romney Campaign Crash


Perennial ratings black hole CNN is never one to miss out on "something that happened a few days ago," so they will pullyet another GOP debate out of Wolf Blitzer's anus, tonight, in Florida! Reliable source The Internet says that this debate will be a kind of "last chance" public stage for the indistinguishable humanoid mass of nuclear waste dump residue still spending campaign dollars losing to Rick "dildo in a fancy wig" Perry to continue arguing about doing so. That will pretty much be it, for this debate! UNLESS.... Unless unless unless... Mitt Romney has a crazy Hail Mary up his debate sleeve? Yes! It is the dreaded "Tim Pawlenty endorsement," which Mitt Romney just got, today! Mittens, he is THAT TRICKY, hiring someone no one has ever heard of right before yet another pointless debate, to tell everyone that Rick Perry sucks. See you in hell, Rick Perry!

And for extra loser points, Mittens will make the losingest-by-the-standard-of-who-dropped-out-first former GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty his national co-chair.

From TPM:

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who left the race for the Republican presidential nomination last month, has endorsed Mitt Romney and joined his campaign as a national co-chair.

On Fox and Friends this morning, where Pawlenty made the announcement, he defended Romney’s record on health care reform (which he had unsuccessfully attacked on the campaign trail) and joined in the dogpile on Rick Perry over his rhetoric about Social Security.

Haha, "dogpile." That sort of sums it up. [TPM]


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