Mystery of Mitt's Mormon Underoos Solved

Tighty whities can look good on the right, um, pelvisJust before the Salt Lake Olympics, Mitt and Ann Romney had a bunch of reporters to dinner in Park City, Utah. One of them, Candus Thomson of the Baltimore Sun, found herself with a full bladder and in a long line for the guest bathroom. Mitt, being a gracious host, showed her to the master bath where (as she was leaving) she found his underwear a-swingin' on the back of the door. In the face of Mitt's reticence to discuss his undergarments, she has unburdened herself about the sight she observed that night: Fruit of the Loom tighty-whities, size 34. Mystery solved! So now we can go back to discussing the serious issues that face our country! LOL, no, I know, it's just time to get every candidate (HIllary included) to talk about their underwear, too. [Baltimore Sun]


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