Mystery Protesters: Solved?

Apparently, the "angry people in wheelchairs" sweeping the Hill today don't like Pelosi, either. Eyewitnesses place them at her office in Rayburn, chanting "We are people." Well, they're clearly not experienced flacks, which would rule out one non-human form of life.

Readers suggest they may be from ADAPT, and if so what they want is "Congress to reform Medicaid the right way: to give us the choice for all long term service and support options including community attendant services and supports." Which sounds calm enough, but would make a poor slogan.

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UPDATE: Eyewitness reports: "Long story short: All banners, signs etc. were being confiscated by security. A few people started to raise a stink, but I think they decided it was better to gain access to the building and protest, rather than sit outside. Sorry, no info on what exactly they were protesting." That is what you call your Faustian bargain there.

UPDATE: Adapt seems like well-meaning group, sort of unclear on communications strategy. Testimonial aftr the jump.

I think one reason your usually acute tipsters aren't hip to what's going on is they haven't gotten to eye level w/ the delegation. 


ADAPT does have a snappy slogan: "Our Homes, Not Nursing Homes," an accurate and terse statement of their legislative goal: to break the Halliburtonesque grip of large nursing home chains on Medicaid reimbursements for the at-home care of people too disabled to run their own households - but who, believe it or not, still have a life and want to live it in a place where they can call the shots - their homes.  Acromyn for their bill of choice, which would accomplish this, is "MiCassa," but further I cannot say, right off the top of my head.


I come by this info honestly as a civil-rights-violations observer (and there were plenty) of one mass action, wallflowership at a couple of fundraisers, and guestship at one ADAPT wedding - about the last of which, let me just say that if you must drink & dance, a wheelchair can only help.




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