Naked New Jersey Politician Becomes Latest Victim of Cell Phone Camera


Louis Magazzu has just resigned from the esteemed position of Cumberland County Freeholder in New Jersey, after his seXXXy naked pix were e-mailed or Twittered or something. At this rate, we are probably in the audition phase of some sort of nude self-portrait calendar for the political set.

A politician who emailed a woman nude photos of himself that were later posted on a GOP activist's website announced his resignation Tuesday and said he'll consider all legal options to have the pictures taken down.

In an emailed statement, Cumberland County freeholder Louis Magazzu apologized to his friends, family and constituents but indicated that he thought he was being set up.

The 53-year-old Democratic lawyer, who'd been an elected county official since 1997, said he sent the photos to a woman with whom he corresponded online for several years and that she requested the photos. At least two of the photos revealed his crotch, two photos showed him fully dressed in a suit and a fifth showed him from the waist up, shirtless.

The pictures appear to show Magazzu standing naked in front of a mirror photographing himself with a Blackberry – photos similar to those that led U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York to resign in June. The seven-term Democratic congressman acknowledged sending sexually explicit messages and photos to several women online.

Unlike Weiner, who waited weeks amid the intense controversy before resigning, Magazzu stepped down a day after the scandal hit local newspapers.

Ah, so this person is responsible. This is the cool new way to quit your job, apparently! [HuffPo]


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