NANCY DON'T FAIL US NOW! Your Nancy Pelosi Trump Impeachment Liveblog!

NANCY DON'T FAIL US NOW! Your Nancy Pelosi Trump Impeachment Liveblog!

Y'all ready for this? WE WERE BORN READY FOR THIS.

BREAKING: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Impeachment Statement on President Trump 5pm

4:52: OK! Here we are, we are waiting for Nancy Pelosi to come out and tell us what is what. Joe Biden came out today and said IF the Trump administration doesn't turn over the whole whistleblower complaint, we need to impeach. We hope Biden was being a chickenshit like that because he's trying to be circumspect as the presidential candidate Trump's latest foreign agent-ing with a foreign power is all about.

We have not heard indications that Nancy Pelosi is going to wuss around on this. SHE BETTER NOT.

4:55: Meanwhile, here is some news.

McConnell is supporting this and people are wondering why. We personally think McConnell actually for once has no good options in front of him, and that he and other Senate Republicans are hoping against hope that Pelosi is bluffing, and that if Congress gets the full whistleblower complaint, she'll drop impeachment. We don't think that's how this is going to work.

5:01: She's on time!

Pelosi starts by giving a concise timeline of why we are here today. Her demeanor is very "My fellow Americans."

5:03: Pelosi says acting DNI "must turn over" full whistleblower complaint on Thursday when he testifies. Then she quotes some Ben Franklin bullroar about we gonna have a republic? Or a monarchy? She says we should have a IT'S A REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY. But definitely not a monarchy!

5:04: Pelosi notes that everybody's been investigating, and Trump has been stonewalling, but this week is different because Trump just admitted he's trying to extort a foreign nation to meddle in the 2020 election for his benefit.

"I'm announcing the House of Representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry."

Says the six main committees will now proceed under that inquiry.

5:06: And that was it! No questions, no equivocation, and also some folderol about "our founding fathers" and "this happened in American history" and ZZZZZZZ.

Anyway, that was it. It is happening.

Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi has called your bluff.

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