Nancy Pelosi & Ann Coulter Share Secret Passion

Guess what Pelosi and Coulter have in common? They both love shitty hippie music from 35 years ago, that's what!

A few surviving members of the Grateful Dead joined people from newer "jam bands" last night to celebrate the nation's most powerful woman, Nancy Pelosi. If it seems odd that America's Favorite Grandma likes this stuff, just remember that she was born just two years earlier than Jerry Garcia and began her San Francisco political career at the same time he started playing bluegrass with the guys who would become "The Dead." It's like they were basically married to each other!

Anyway, everybody got high and had a great time last night, especially during the six-hour version of "Terrapin Station." Don't miss the lame cellphone video at the Washington Post!

Pelosi and the old hippies - Wonkette

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