Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Care About Liberals

Sellout! - WonketteThe very idea of "House Speaker Pelosi" isn't exactly comforting to the shrinking, hysterical Far Right, but they should take comfort in the fact that liberals in San Francisco think she's a sellout.

Pelosi's many crimes include supporting idiotic anti-rave legislation, backing free-trade treaties and letting dirty businesses conduct dirty commercial activity at the Presidio.

Nancy's comrade in the Senate is equally despised by the Bay Area's lefties: "Senator Dianne Feinstein is very much a part of the pro-war, pro-death penalty wing of the Democratic Party. She supported the invasion of Iraq and the USA PATRIOT Act; she publicly opposed same-sex marriage," says the SF Bay Guardian. Tough crowd.

Pelosi's liberal label is all relative [Los Angeles Times]


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