Ilhan Omar posted a fine couple of photos to Twitter on Thursday to remind Donald Trump he's not getting her down, not one bit. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (and other members of Congress) were visiting Ghana as part of a trip to mark the 400th anniversary of the first slave ships coming to North America. So while visiting the Cape Coast Castle, one of many points from which enslaved people were shipped off to the Americas, Omar posed for a couple of snapshots with Nancy Pelosi, to say they're getting along just fine, and anyone who has a problem with either can just go find a door and not return from it.

CBS News has the deets:

Omar was part of a congressional trip to Africa that included members of the Black Caucus to commemorate the "Year of Return" -- a call by Ghana's president to African Americans to make the trek to Africa to "unite with their brothers and sisters in the diaspora."

You'll note the door there has a sign reading "Door of Return," a reference to an initiative aimed at building ties between African countries and descendants of the African Diaspora. The door was originally one of many Doors of No Return at slave forts along the West African coast, the embarkation points for millions during the slave trade. (It is not, however, The "Door of No Return," which apparently refers to one such portal at a fort in Senegal.)

Also on the trip, among others, are House Majority Whip James Clyburn, Congressional Black Caucus Chair Karen Bass, Rep. Barbara Lee, and Rep. John Lewis, a historical figure in his own right.

The tweet did garner a bunch of snotty replies from the usual assortment of jerks saying neither should be allowed back to the USA, and what are they doing wasting taxpayer money when there are hungry people right in the USA (who also should not get any help), but the hell with them. This is history stuff, and anyone who gripes about it should be sent back -- not where they came from, but to high school. Where they would be taught by my 11th-grade US history teacher, who gave slavery the kind of attention too few school curricula do.

And tempting though it would is, we wouldn't force them to spend a week in a replica of the hold of a slave ship to learn some fucking perspective, because we're not actually Rod Serling.

[CBS News / Guardian / Speaker of the House]

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