Nancy Pelosi Less Popular Than George Bush, Explosive Diarrhea

Nancy Pelosi Less Popular Than George Bush, Explosive Diarrhea
  • Is Nancy Pelosi the most reviled woman in American History? And is it true that Nancy Pelosi likes to bludgeon baby seals to death, with her Gavel? Yes, according to a new poll! (You thought you could escape these horrendous "polls" just because the midterms are long over, didn't you? Aw. That's adorable.) Huge nerd Nate Silver has the details: "The average score for Ms. Pelosi was 30 percent favorable and 55 percent unfavorable, giving her a net favorability rating of negative-25. This was the worst score of any politician in the study by some margin." This means that Nancy Pelosi is less popular than George Bush, Dick Cheney and urinary tract infections. What did this poor woman do to deserve all this scorn? Did she pass legislation? That sounds like something Satan would do. Anyway, who are the most popular political hacks in America? The Clintons. The goddamned Clintons. (Except for Chelsea, and that cat, "Tube Socks" or whatever.) [NYT]
  • We will triumph in the mountains and caves of Afghanistan by deploying ... tanks. Sure! [Fox News]

  • The TSA is trying to convince everyone that "the TSA is not as bad you think they are." Just one of many thousands of examples: The TSA never downloads Porno Scanner porno pix to its spank bank zip drive, because Porno Scanners aren't even capable of saving images. Wait, what's this? [CNN]


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