Nancy Pelosi Praying For Donald Trump Again

You know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is feeling something extra fierce when she decides to pick up her quill pen and write a Dear Colleague letter. She did it at several points during the impeachment process, as she announced the opening of the inquiry, and later when she told the House that it pains her to say this, but Mitch McConnell just can't be trusted with the articles of impeachment the House voted through, at least not yet. (She was correct!)

And now, with more than 600,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in America, many more unconfirmed, and zero federal plan to address it besides YELL AT CHINA AND WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and SEND AMERICANS SMALL MONEY CHECKS WITH DONALD TRUMP'S YOOGE NAME ON THEM, Pelosi has done it again.

It is a brutal letter, and the speaker is not shy about whose little childlike orange hands are currently covered in blood. And she is demanding that the truth be spoken far and wide about what Donald Trump has done to America.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • The truth is that Donald Trump dismantled the infrastructure handed to him which was meant to plan for and overcome a pandemic, resulting in unnecessary deaths and economic disaster.
  • The truth is that in January Donald Trump was warned about this pandemic, ignored those warnings, took insufficient action and caused unnecessary death and disaster.
  • The truth is that Donald Trump told his most loyal followers that the pandemic was a hoax and that it would magically disappear, thus endangering lives and paving the way for economic disaster.
  • The truth is that we did not have proper testing available in March despite Trump repeatedly claiming that we did; and even now, we do not have adequate tests, masks, PPE, and necessary equipment, which creates unnecessary death and suffering.
  • The truth is because of an incompetent reaction to this health crisis, the strong economy handed to Donald Trump is now a disaster, causing the suffering of countless Americans and endangering lives.
  • The truth is a weak person, a poor leader, takes no responsibility. A weak person blames others.

Emphasis ours, in case you are skimming all the bullet points that clearly say "TRUMP DID THIS."

There's more truth in the letter, like how despite Trump's lies about America being number one in coronavirus testing, only one percent of Americans have been tested, and how hospitals still don't have the equipment they need to fight this pandemic. She talked about Congress's response so far, and what Congress must do going forward, armed with the truth.

"Respectfully and sadly," Pelosi concluded the letter, and then put a bunch of those bullet points on Twitter so everybody, including Trump, could read the truth about how Trump is an "incompetent" and "weak" shitshow who has "caused unnecessary death and disaster."

The White House has responded to the letter, but "I really don't care, do U?"

Pelosi appeared on the Chris Hayes show on MSNBC Tuesday evening and he asked why she decided now was the time to tell her colleagues and the world what a screaming disaster-fuck Donald Trump has been and how much blood is on his hands. In typical SHADY Pelosi fashion, she said, well, she had some time over Easter to pray about it, and that was how she knew she had to speak up. You know she prays for the president, right? She prays hard for him. She prays for his family, she prays for his brain, she prays for his family to do an intervention on his brain.

What's that deep sighing sound you hear right now, whistling through the wind? It is God and Nancy Pelosi, sighing together as they discuss Donald Trump's brain. "Bless his heart," says Pelosi to God, who nods and shakes His head in holy agreement with the speaker.

Pelosi told Hayes she hasn't spoken to Trump personally since the State of the Union. "You remember that," she told Hayes, and OH YES WE DO.

She bemoaned the stupid Trump-inflicted crises we are in right now, because of Trump's stupid reactions to every aspect of the pandemic. For instance, the US Postal Service is in crisis, and from what Pelosi can tell, Congress's failure to protect the Post Office is "personal" for Trump. Chris Hayes was like PLEASE EXPLAIN:

HAYES: Wait a second, wait a second. Can I ask you to spell out the implication there? What are you saying there, that he bears a grudge against the post office because of his fixation with Jeff Bezos and them delivering for Amazon and the Washington Post, which some people have speculated? What are you saying?

PELOSI: Don't ever ask me to find out the – this President of the United States. That's for others to do. I have to cope with the consequences, but I cannot analyze thinking, so to speak.

She cannot psychoanalyze Trump's seemingly diseased brain, she is merely sentenced to react when it leaks all over America, and try to protect folks as much as she can.

And of course, she prays about it. Bless his heart.

[Pelosi Dear Colleague Letter / Chris Hayes transcript]

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