Nancy Pelosi Stirs the Passions at Liberal 'Hecklefest'

Liberal Speaker of the House Nancy "the Fancy" Pelosi got theshout-down treatment at the Campaign for America's Future conference yesterday, and by fellow liberals! Pelosi only wanted to thank everyone for helping to get the ObamaCare program passed, but had to endure yelling and maybe even some crap thrown at her? Is this how we show "gratitude" nowadays?

Apparently so! After last summer's "health care shout-ins," it is now improper to attend any sort of health care-related public meeting involving an elected official, without screaming at or insulting them. Yesterday's yellers reportedly included a group of Code Pinkos who want Pelosi to "stop funding Israel terror," and people chanting "Our homes, not nursing homes!" while wearing "more orange-ish than pink-colored" T-shirts. Watch Pelosi try to calm the storm:

[youtube expand=1]

There were bodyguards and middle-finger flashes and panic attacks all around. Even Howard Dean, the O.G. of all things screamy-growly, showed up, to take back liberalism from the White House. But being the tough gal she is, Pelosi stood her ground:

Leaders of the conference tried to take the speaker backstage until the disturbance could be quelled, but she brushed them off: "I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving," she said. "You have made your point. I'm going to give my speech over your voices."

We checked Pelosi's brand-new Twitter machine to see if she had any post-brouhaha reactions, but so far she seems to be taking a restrained approach to using America's most exciting social media platform.



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