Nancy Pelosi Was Going To Go To Afghanistan Anyway, But Trump F*cked That Up Too

On Thursday, Donald Trump finally retaliated against Nancy Pelosi for canceling his stupid gross State of the Union address, by canceling her CODEL to Brussels and Afghanistan, literally while she and the delegation were on the way to the airport. Because you can do a lot of things during a government shutdown, but you definitely can't go visit the troops! "FUCK NANCY PELOSI and FUCK THE TROOPS," Trump seemed to be saying. In his letter, he said Pelosi and her delegation were, of course, free to fly commercially to Afghanistan if they wanted to. We guess he thought he was being cute.

The speaker of the House is not supposed to fly commercially for things like this. That change was made after 9/11, for security reasons, because the speaker is second in line to the presidency. But they have some leeway on when and if they want to use military jets and when they don't, and after Trump's announcement yesterday, Pelosi took him up on his dare. That's right, they were going to go anyway, because eat shit, Mister President, trips like this aren't "public relations events" or "excursions," they are vital for national security, at least when nobody named "Trump" is on the trip. (Don't worry, they didn't just spend their airline miles on a Delta flight to Kabul. They were chartering a plane.)

But according to Pelosi's deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill, they had to scrap those plans too, because Trump leaked them, thereby endangering their security and potentially putting the troops in Afghanistan in danger, all because President BabyShits HAD A UPSET.

So first of all, Trump put Pelosi's travel plans in danger by announcing the existence of the trip, albeit when he was canceling it. Then the Trump administration leaked the new travel plans to reporters, which Team Pelosi found out when reporters started asking them questions. (If you're curious how the Trump administration knew about the new plans, it's because the State Department still has to write the check for the travel, even if they charter a plane, according to the Daily Beast.)

As we said, what a fucking baby the president is.

And it may be that Trump really didn't want Pelosi going on this trip in the first place. We've been hearing a lot lately about how President Russian Asset has been wanting to destroy the West by pulling America out of NATO, and Pelosi's first stop in Brussels was to be a meeting with NATO leaders and our own military commanders, to reaffirm that America isn't going anywhere, no matter what that motherfucker says. He may be president -- and the clock is ticking on how long that's going to last -- but he certainly ain't the king.

After that, they would have headed to Afghanistan, where Pelosi and the rest of the delegation would get intel briefings on what was happening on the ground, and just generally give thanks and support to the troops, in a place where Trump has never visited, and where, as the Daily Beast reports, morale is extremely low.

Troops on the ground viewed the Pelosi trip as a chance to gain an inroad with someone, especially the highest ranking member of the House, in the U.S. government who could see the need to keep U.S. troops in the country. The announcement of [Trump's decision to pull 7,000 troops out of Afghanistan without a strategy or a plan] has significantly lowered morale among officials and soldiers.

Indeed, due to Donald Trump's actions, morale is pretty low all over the military, after his stupid-ass Twitter announcement that he was pulling troops out of Syria without a plan put the troops in danger there -- oh look, there was an ISIS bombing that killed Americans this week! -- and after he used the troops as a political stunt during the midterm elections, sending them to the border for no fucking reason besides to act as props. Indeed, CNN reports that senior military officials are coming to them (speaking anonymously, of course) to tell them how fucked up shit is.

We can't imagine why the new speaker of the House might want to get on an airplane and go see what she can do to reassure the troops that this, too, shall pass. Oh well! At least Melania got to go to Mar-a-Lago yesterday, on a military jet!

None of this is OK, and none of this is normal. President Shitbaby literally put the person second in line to the presidency in danger, and he put the troops in Afghanistan in danger, because his thin-skinned feelings GOT HURTED.

You'd think that with this, and in light of everything else we've learned lately -- from how Trump is probably literally a Russian asset all the way to how we now know he's orderedat least one of his subordinates to lie under oath, and probably many more -- that Congress and/or Trump's cabinet might want to deal with this situation immediately. And by "situation," we mean the continued status of Trump as president, and by "immediately," we mean that trashball motherfucker should be packing his bags by close of business today.

Sadly, we are not holding our breath.

UPDATE: Pelosi spoke to reporters about the day's events, and she was asked if Trump did this in retaliation for her canceling his State of the Union address. Her response was FIRE. We saw it on TV, so just read our tweet:

Will add video if we see some!

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