Nancy Pelosi Would Like To Drag The Alan Grayson Thing Out For Another Hot Sec, If That's Cool With You


Nancy Pelosi wakes up every day and picks something to make worse. Today it is the ostentatiously minor "Alan Grayson Affair," in which Floridian Congressman Alan Grayson went sooo crazy at some Orlando Kinko's and came back with sassy hyperbolic poster-boards. Anyway, so Nancy Pelosi could have easily been like, "Alan: just mumble some bad-faith apology on Rachel Maddow or whatever and we will reimburse you for the Kinko's purchases." It being Nancy Pelosi, she of course did the opposite.

It's like, why should Alan Grayson apologize when other people—SUBTEXT: Republicans!—also have things to apologize for? How is that even democracy??

"If anybody's going apologize, everybody should apologize," Pelosi told reporters at her weekly press conference. "We are holding Democrats to a higher standard than their own members."

Oh and the Democrats want to socialize apologies now too.

[The Hill]


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