Short of cleaning restrooms at the Minneapolis airport when Larry Craig's in town, there is probably no job in America more thankless than running against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her Congressional seat.One brave woman has stepped up to the challenge and is raising a fair amount of money in her quest to become the Republican congresswoman from San Francisco, where a "Republican" is defined as "anyone who doesn't bring a nipple-pierced gimp to formal events."

Dana Walsh, an interior designer and member of the San Francisco GOP central committee, has raised about $360,000 so far -- just $2 million less than Pelosi. That might sound like a big gap but it's a lot more than previous Pelosi opponents have raised.

And with a platform like this, even the leftiest lefties are sure to vote for her:

Nancy Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan [also running for Congressional District 8] are in denial about the threat Islamic Radicalism poses to America and other free societies. Their call for an artificial timetable to withdraw from Iraq would embolden the terrorists and produce greater danger and regional instability.

We need to give General Petraeus and our troops the support they need to accomplish the goal of securing a free and independent Iraq. We need to win the War on Terrorism in Baghdad, not lose it in Washington, D.C..

Securing our borders and stopping illegal immigration are key elements in defending America. We need to remove the incentives for those who break our laws to enter our country: No welfare benefits, no drivers licenses, no free college tuition and NO AMNESTY for illegal aliens

I support the Secure Fence Act, which creates 854 miles of border fence along our Southwest border. I oppose allowing cities like San Francisco to declare themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

Walsh in a landslide!

Campaign Cash Flows to Pelosi’s Republican Opponent Despite Difficult Odds [CQ Politics]

Dana Walsh for Congress


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