Nancy Pelosi's New San Francisco Office-Castle Costs $18,736 Per Month!

Woman politician "Madam Speaker" Nancy Pelosi is doing woman things again! Like, spending too much money, dagnabbit. She's spending $18,736 per month on a fancy suite of offices in San Francisco --liberal San Francisco, of all places -- and that's (according to Roll Call) nearly twice as much as the next-most-expensive district office rent, in Manhattan. Rents are high in these gay-filled Big Cities, it's true. But are they too high? Can something be done to stop Nancy Pelosi?

That turns out to be part of the issue, according to Pelosi's office. Seems that being Speaker of the House attracts a little more attention than just being a congresslady from the Bay Area -- especially if you're a woman congresslady who is Speaker of the House, because that just drives wingnuts batty. Women!

So the move to the new office was in large part due to "security concerns." Pelosi had been in her old district offices for 20 years, and the new one has whatever you need now to keep the teabaggers and other loonies from trying to get a militia in the elevator or whatever. [Roll Call]


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