Nannies Post Secrets That Seemingly Normal Parents Were Hiding! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 21, 2022

Nannies Post Secrets That Seemingly Normal Parents Were Hiding! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 21, 2022

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Hey, remember Bret Baier, "newsman"? He wanted to give Arizona to Donald Trump on Election Night, because Donald Trump was REAL GRUMPY! :( (Insider)

What happened in Special Master Dearie's courtroom yesterday? Some stuff! — Law & Crime

Cool cool. You can shoot someone for looking at you funny, but you can't have an abortion if you're dying.

Under a bill they promoted, pregnant people could face murder charges even if they were raped or doctors determined the procedure was needed to save their own life. Doctors who attempted to help patients conceive through in-vitro fertilization, a fertility treatment used by millions of Americans, could also be locked up for destroying embryos, and certain contraception such as Plan B would be banned.

    Only two people on the Louisiana House committee voted against it. And it's not just Louisiana! Meet these terrifying weirdos, the "abolitionists"! — CNN

    Mitch McConnell is losing control of his little fiefdom, just like Chief Justice John Roberts did, just like Paul Ryan and John Boehner did, just like anyone who tries to harness the energy of a zoo of shitflinging chimpanzees. (Steve Benen didn't say that part.) (MSNBC)

    Whoosh whoosh time machine: When Trump canned the inspector general overseeing coronavirus relief and said "I'll be the oversight." LOL good times. — ABC News

    So Michael Gableman, the former Wisconsin supreme court justice who ran a sham "voter fraud" investigation for the Republican Lege and was fired after finding NO EVIDENCE (the Assembly speaker called him "an embarrassment"), is now calling for "revolution," blah blah blah, that's expected. What's fun is the little aside that he's now representing ... someone who admitted to voter fraud. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel / Fox 6)

    Dahlia Lithwick on Stacey Abrams. It's a little high school civics textbooky, if high school textbooks were good. — Slate

    And a link to Lithwick's new book Lady Justice from which it was excerpted, with a wee cut going to your Wonkette!

    North Carolina's US Senate race is the most competitive in the country, but I guess they're not saying crazy shit so nobody's watching. (Axios)

    Michigan and Pennsylvania have been UNGERRYMANDERED. Is that even legal? — Daily Kos

    Good news on the kids' Youtube scene? You have to wade through a lot of JESUS CHRIST to get there, but it looks like they're actually turning the "industrialized nightmare factory" around??? (Guardian)

    Deep sigh: My Mother and Her Scammer and the Thief and Her Lover (not those last two). — New Yorker

    Nannies! (Food Is in the House)

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