Narcs, Full Frontal Hugs, and Reading Rainbow Are The Stars Of Today's Happy Links


We're running out of snappy ways to introduce you to our Happy links, and they should really stand on their own anyway, so stop bugging us about it.

Christopher Lee -- the 92-year-old star of Dracula, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars, just released a Don Quixote-themed heavy metal record and why haven't you bought it yet?

We remember Maya Angelou, who passed away at age 86, and is a person about whom we have no snark whatsoever.

The narcs at the Apple Store are stopping you from playing a game where you pretend to run a weed cartel/empire/whatever, and it is patently unfair.

Donald Sterling can't stop being Donald Sterling, and has taken to the public sphere to explain how the NBA can't get rid of him because he never meant for his incredibly terrible racist comments to be public, now did he??

You're not doing anything else right now, so go donate to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter. For $10,000, you can wear that weird visor Levar Burton wore on "Star Trek."

There was SO MUCH DRAMA on this week's "19 Kids and Counting" when we saw a full-frontal hug between Derick and Jill. Sluts.

Wherever you go, there will always be sideboob.


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