Nation Of Cowards, Tax Cheats, And Fugitive Financiers

  • The Swiss bank UBS has to turn over a bunch of records to the IRS as part of a settlement in which UBS is accused of helping wealthy Americans shelter billions of dollars of taxable money over the past few years. [New York Times]
  • Barack Obama is visiting Canada for six hours today. Will he have enough time to swing by the restaurant that loves him so? [UPI]
  • People invested in the Stanford Group because they thought their money was safe there, and of course it was not, and now they are all poor and that Stanford guy is missing. [Bloomberg]
  • A lot of Facebook users got angry when they read the site's revised terms of use, which is funny because who the hell reads terms of use agreements? [Washington Post]
  • Seven months after a McCain adviser called us "a nation of whiners," our new Attorney General calls us "a nation of cowards." Why are we so abused by our leaders? Because we are a nation of victims. [CNN]
  • Roland Burris is probably still popular enough with the right people that he will not have to resign his Senate seat. [Chicago Sun-Times]

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