Nation's Long Nightmare Over As Chuck Todd's Daily Wankfest Banished To Streaming

Nation's Long Nightmare Over As Chuck Todd's Daily Wankfest Banished To Streaming

Trevor Noah gets results!

Less than a week after the comedian and host of The Daily Showscorched Chuck Todd during his monologue at the White House Correspondents Dinner, MSNBC is moving the anchor's Meet The Press Daily off the cable channel and onto its NBC News Now streaming service. Not that we think one had to do with the other. Just that it would be irresponsible not to speculate.

The move leaves us with the burning question of what will now play at lunchtime on the glowing screens of America's doctor's offices and nursing home day rooms.

(Chris Jansing. The answer is apparently Chris Jansing, who will be taking over the 1 p.m. timeslot to host MSNBC Reports, big congrats to America's trapped gastroenterology patients and somewhat sentient elderly on the upgrade.)

Poor Chuck. When in under a year and a half your network moves you to a new time slot so the world can have another hour of Nicolle Wallace, and then out of that time slot to an online streamer, it feels like they are sending a message, and the message is not, "Great work, Mr. Cronkite."

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Anyway, what can yr Wonkette say about Todd that isn't being said very scornfully on Twitter? The man has been a scourge of the sort of view-from-nowhere bothsidesism and horserace politics that has fueled both our rage and our alcohol problems for many a year.

Like, remember when he scolded the first female major party nominee for president for being "overprepared" for a debate? Or the time after time after time when, sweaty and desperate to ignore the fact that the other major party has become an anti-democratic, fascist-happy home for diseased weirdos and head trauma patients, he let Republicans spout crazy lying shit on his airwaves about Ukraine or Russia or the most pressing issue for everyone within the Beltway who likes to have expensive brunches together that is The Deficit, and instead of saying, "Hey, that's some crazy lying shit, Senator Fucklenuts, would you like to rephrase it in something approaching reality," he just passed it on to his viewers with nary a counter or a pushback? Because Chuck Todd has done this a lot.

Finally, four years into the Trump presidency, Todd seemed to hit his limit on Republicans coming on his show and lying to his face about everything and started occasionally performing journalism, because the damage was done and performing the bare minimum of journalistic questioning does not suddenly make one into Edward R. Murrow.

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Todd even displaced Luke Russert from Wonkette's Shut the Fuck Up Luke Russert coffee mugs, which are now the Shut the Fuck Up Chuck Todd coffee mugs and will be available again in the store at some point after the Editrix hits the Motor City.

Now in honor of Chuck, we're going to have to leave it there.


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