National Institute of Health Division Bravely Edits Own Wikpedia Entry

Is that a wire hanger??? - WonketteThe National Institute on Drug Abuse, one of our nation's most inept and evil agencies, is waging a war -- a war on Wikipedia!

After some office lackey noticed that the NIDA's entry in the online "encyclopedia" was dangerously full of well-sourced "controversy" and criticism, they erased the whole thing and put up a press release. This is called "vandalism" and Wikipedia has robots that fix such things. But the edit wars continued through the late summer, until the Politico picked up the story this afternoon. As of now, the entry reads as it did pre-NIDA involvement.

That's where Wonkette readers come in! Feel free to go make up your own bullshit about the NIDA, preferably while really, really high. Claim the institute was founded by the Illuminati and say their director is Nadine, we don't care. On the internet, everyone gets to be an expert!

Federal Agency Cleans Up Its Own Wikipedia Entry [Politico]

NIDA [Wikipedia]


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