National Review Columnist ENRAGED By Obamas' New Chef

National Review Columnist ENRAGED By Obamas' New Chef

The Corner's eagle-eyed investigative blog reporter Lisa Schiffren -- of the famous "Obama's Political Origins" column this time last year in which she wrote, "But, for a white woman to marry a black man in 1958, or 60, there was almost inevitably a connection to explicit Communist politics," so as to prove that Barack Obama Junior hated America -- has written a delightful screed detailing the Hypocrisy of that demonic hellshrew, Michelle Hussein Obama, devastatingly titled "Arugula with That?" Ha, get it, it's like when Barack Obama said "arugula" one time, ever, in Iowa, summer 2007. Schiffren argues that since the Obamas would sometimes call this private chef's food service in Chicago for the night, they are now... awful?

The private chef in question is Sam Kass, whom the Obamas hired recently to join the White House staff as a chef. Schiffren seems to assume that Kass was the Obamas' exclusive private chef who lived in a hobbit hole beneath their stove, and never left:

For the past many months the nation's foodies—Alice Waters and others—have been salivating at the prospect of a President who might be willing to take time off from being commander-in-chief, saving the economy, and keeping up the permanent campaign to spread the current gospel about sustainable, "locavore" eating. Heartened by the Obama's taste in trendy, sophisticated Chicago restaurants, they have envisioned a garden on the heavily wired White House lawn. Maybe a farmer's market in Lafayette Park? They have proffered ideas for chefs who might make this happen. But today, news comes that the Obamas will not run a national Top Chef competition—because they are bringing their own, private chef from Chicago to the White House. Well, isn't that nice?


Who knew? I believed all that stuff about how Michelle was an overburdened modern working mother, rushing from school dropoff to her high-paying, demanding work at the hospital, to dress fittings, to whatever it was she needed to do to support her husband's political aspirations, back home to take care of her daughters. Call me naive, but that model usually includes making dinner. And squeezing in a weekly grocery shopping trip. Especially for those fresh, whole foods that don't keep so long. Now I have to wonder who did the laundry, and the vaccuuming. Sure, granny helped—but I doubt she was the maid. Who was?

Oh my god. There's an unusual amount of "inference" here for a supposedly serious article about nothing. Here's what the Times wrote about Kass in its piece:

A Chicago native, Mr. Kass graduated from the University of Chicago and received his formal training at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Europe. He then went to work at Avec, a Chicago wine bar serving Mediterranean food.

After he left the restaurant, Mr. Kass, 28, founded Inevitable Table, a private chef service in Chicago that, according to its Web site, is the client’s “link to clean, healthy food.”

See, "private chef service," so if you are famous like Barack and Michelle Obama, and you are maybe going out one night to a soiree of sorts, you might call the private chef from the PRIVATE CHEF COMPANY to come and cook a healthy meal for your children. Or you might hire him for a dinner party, of which they probably had many!


Didn't the women at Slate, among others, complain that there was something offensive about Sarah Palin's apparent ability to raise 5 children, run the state of Alaska, run marathons, and cook those mooseburgers—because it set the bar too high for ordinary women? But they were willing to believe that Michelle could do it all, and keep it all organic and healthy at that—because she has a law degree from Harvard?


Blah blah Slate hussies, blah blah, blah blah blah Sarah Palin is good blah blah blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah blah sexism? Blah blah Michelle blah blah liberal blah arugula blah blah "healthy" blah blah blah elitism education?

Arugula with That? [The Corner]


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